Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cash Baker Black

I have a really good reason for why it's taking me so long to get caught up on all of our family's happenings...actually it's pretty amazing!  We were chosen to bring a baby boy into our family back in June!!!  It all happened very, very quickly (which I actually have no complaints about).  Here is the story, in a nutshell...a kind of big nutshell. :>
Britton and I had been contacted by a friend/counselor about a possible foster care opportunity that very possibly could turn into an adoption.  We were excited, but super cautious.  I think people who do foster care are amazing, and I know there is a need, however Britton and I discussed fostering a long time ago, and decided it's not for us.  I don't think my heart could handle it.  BUT, we thought about this one, and actually felt kind of good about it.  The situation had A LOT of drama to say the least, that I won't go into.  The baby was a boy, and was 2 days old and staying with a  neighbor friend.  They (as in the birth grandparents) wanted him to go to a nice LDS family in case adoption happened down the line.  The birth mother was very adamant on getting the baby back (which is fine), but not too willing to do what she needed to do.  Anyways, they met with CPS, and they denied the moving of the baby.  I was a bit upset because we were told the odds were in our favor.  I was sad for the rest of the day, but afterwards I was done with it.  The next day the birth grand mother wanted to meet us in person (I'm still not quite sure why...maybe just in case things still didn't work out?).  I really didn't want to go, but did because I didn't want to be rude.  The entire drive there I just kept thinking, "What's the point?  This is a waste and is ridiculous!".  We met her,and she was very nice.  I bet you think I'm going to tell you how things magically worked out and we got placed with this baby, huh?!  Oh, how wrong you's where the story gets good!  ;) 
About 5 minutes into meeting with her, I get a phone call from my adoption counselor.  Strange I thought, but I excused myself and answered.  She preceded to tell me how the LDS counselor from Las Vegas called her, and has a birth mother who is very interested in us, and wants to meet us!  She is due in 4 weeks with a baby boy!!!  She wanted to meet us in person before she officially chose us, which we totally understand.  However the next day, my counselor called again and says "Good news!  She has decided that she likes you enough that she chooses you now!".  There were a few medical concerns, that I won't get in to, but Britton and I both felt ok about them...scared, but good.  Her story was a lot different than our other birth moms.  She is 24, and a single mom of a 2 year old little boy, and lives with her parents. 
SO, we looked at our schedule and drove to Las Vegas that weekend (June 9th), and met her!  We met at an Applebees with our family, her, her son, and her counselor.  The birth father is not in the picture at all, but she told us about him.  Her name is Brandi, and we'll just call her little boy "L".  We were so nervous and excited to meet her, and I think she was feeling the same way.  She is just so sweet, and was very caring about our feelings!  I just about died when she asked me if I'd like to be in the operating room for the was going to be a C-section (that's how her first was delivered).  I was so excited and flattered!  What an honor! 
(outside applebeese)

I loved the story of how she found made me smile.  I will preface it by saying that she actually had chosen a different family in Utah a few months before.  She was going to deliver up there, and so she had seen a Dr., and knew it was a boy.  She said they were a great, really nice couple, but she kept not feeling good about it.  She said initially she thought she was not feeling good about placing for adoption, but then while watching "16 and Pregnant" (smile), it dawned on her that it wasn't the adoption, but that she hadn't chosen the right family!  A miracle for us, and absolutely heartbreaking for the other family.  That's when she contacted her counselor and started the search. 
She said she was looking at profiles online (there were like 800+ I think she said), and saw ours.  She liked us, but kept looking.  She said the next three pages she went to, our profile was on too (which shouldn't happen when there are that many profiles to look at!!!).  So she looked at us again, and thought and prayed, and called her counselor.  She said her counselor advised her to keep looking just in case, but she didn't want to.  :>  I just felt like that was Heavenly Father's way of saying "just look one more time". 
Anyways, we talked, ate, took pictures, and exchanged numbers, etc.  It was all a go, and we were so excited!!!  She hadn't had hardly any prenatal care, so we were very eager for her to find a Dr. to check everything out.  Luckily, again by a miracle of Heavenly Father, her counselor found a Dr. who would take her full term, delivered at the hospital she was wanting, and was a specialist in areas that were fitting.  He also turned out to be all of our same religion too. :>  They made an appointment for the following week.  We were so excited because we figured he would take the baby before the due date due to the C-section business.  Friday afternoon came, and I was waiting, waiting, waiting to hear anything!  FINALLY my counselor called me, and said she heard from them, and that the Dr. wanted to take the baby the NEXT DAY!!!!!! AHHH!  She said Brandi would be calling us soon with the details!  My head was spinning like crazy, and i just started pacing, and quickly throwing laundry in to wash!  Brandi called and said the Dr. said the baby is looking totally fine, but that her fluid was about 1/4 low.  She was going to check into the hospital that night, and delivery was scheduled the next morning at 10:30 a.m.!  She was nervous, but ready.  We very quickly packed our bags, and our girls bags.  Thankfully, my amazing brother and sister in law were willing to take our girls for a few days while we were there.  Ahlena said she would drive them to us whenever we wanted...amazingly nice!!!!  We were so, so grateful for them.  :>  We got to Las Vegas around midnight, and were ready to go the next morning. 

(scubbed up and ready to go!)

The delivery was breath taking, and still seared in my memory.  It was such a miracle, and I'm so grateful she let me experience it! 

Cash Baker Black
born at 10:52 a.m.
6 lbs. 1 oz., 17 3/4 in.
(which we think they measured wrong...should be 19 3/4in.)


I got to hold him just for a quick second in the delivery room before he was taken to the nursery.  He was just perfect in every way possible.  Britton had to get his first look through the nursery windows...

Once we were finally allowed to enter the nursery, we still couldn't hold him because he needed to be under the warmer a bit longer.  We were just dying to reach down and snatch him up!

The time finally came though.  They wheeled him in and we got to feed him his first bottle, and for Britton his very first time to hold him!!! 
Brandi was so sweet, and let us stay at the hospital as long as we wanted, but let us know when she needed her time as well (which we were more than happy to give her). 

This is Cash with the teddy bear Brandi gave him, and the blanket we made for him with a matching one for her...

My guys...

After three days (72hours), she was able to sign paperwork, and we got to bring him back to our hotel.  We had just signed our portion of paperwork, and were waiting to be released!!!

First ride in the car seat!  On a side note, I was absolutely dying because our new car seat hadn't come in time, so he had a pink one!!! Sound ridiculous, but I was seriously going nuts!!! I just wanted it all to be perfect...and it still was, in spite of a pink car seat!  ;>

A day later our girls joined us, and we spent a totally of 11 days in our hotel!!! Let's just say we were a bit stir crazy, and ready to go home! 
Here is the first time Braelyn and London are meeting their new baby brother!

Surrounded by lots of love...and girls! hehe

With Big sister Braelyn...

With Big sister London...

I love this picture!  It describes exactly how they both took to Cash.  They couldn't (and still can't) get enough of him!  They are constantly wanted to hug and kiss him...seriously...almost constantly!  haha  Although, I wouldn't have it any other way!

We did get to see Brandi and her awesome family a few times at there house, which was really nice.  It was so great getting to know them all better.  They are just amazing people, and we love them all. 

Our first official family picture.  :)  Please excuse the sleepy, groggy (but still happy) eyes...and the hotel couch! ;>

We are so very grateful for adoption!  It has allowed us to not only get our family, but meet amazing birth parents and grandparents, and grow closer to our Heavenly Father through the process. 


Back in June, my little London was able to start going to nursery at church!!!  yay!  Which means she turned 18 months.  She really likes it, but definitely is clingy when we drop her off.  Britton has had to stay in there a few times, but we are starting to nip that in the bud. 
As of right now, London is 21 months old, and 2 is just around the corner!!!  That is just too crazy!  This girl keeps us on our toes constantly!  She gets into everything, and just walks around looking for something to "play with"!  She is a big climber, which is new for us, and just recently started climbing out of her crib!!!! Little stinker!  I am NOT ready for her to be in a toddler bed quite yet, but she may be telling me differently!  We'll see!  It doesn't help that she and Braelyn are now sharing a room.  I think that makes her want to climb out even go play with sister. She is one tough cookie too!  Since she's a climber, she's had her fair share of falls, but she just gets up says, "ok", and moves on (for the most part)! 
London has such a funny, spunky personality, filled with sugary sweetness.  One minute she'll be getting into things, and then next minute she'll be saying "sowey mama.  Ludge you" (sorry mama.  Love you")!  Melts me every time!!!  She is talking so much now!  She loves her snacks, and like Braelyn, would eat them all day long if I let her!  She is obsessed with Dora, although just recently she is branching out some! haha  She loves watching shows with her sister.  She loves Dora, Diego, & Peppa Pig.  She loves watching too much actually and throws a fit when we turn them off...awesome!
We just love this sweet girl more than words can say!