Monday, February 27, 2012

Scorpion Survivor

Last Thursday, February 23rd, we had the most horrible night! Around 4:30 ish we were all hanging out at home, and that's when it all went crazy! London was playing inside this little indoors play tent, and had only crawled inside for a minute when she started screaming crying. It was weird because she was in there alone, with no toys or anything. We got her out, and were trying to figure out what was wrong. Her cry was definitely a "hurt" cry. She started patting her left pointer finger, but there were no marks or anything. It was a little red and warm to the touch, but that's it. I thought maybe she bit herself or there was something sharp on the carpet. Britton went over and searched the carpet and the tent, but nothing was to be found. I tried consoling her, but she kept crying and crying...I started to be a little worried. After about 5 minutes, her crying worsened. She started pulling at her ears, her face started get really red, and her face and eyes were getting kind of puffy. Then the really freaky part...she started arching her back, and was having some convulsions. She got super mucousy out of her nose and mouth. Her eyes went foggy, and lethargic. She was also struggling to catch her breath. Then I KNEW something bad was happening. I grabbed her and rushed her to the Urgent care just around the corner. I ran inside, shaking from head to toe, and they rushed me back. The doctor came in and said she sounded like she could have possibly swallowed something. He tried the baby Heimlich on her a couple times...nothing happened. He told his staff to call 911. They took a quick X-ray to see if anything was lodged...nothing showed. A couple minutes later firemen arrived, and then the ambulance. I rode in the front as they worked on her in the back, and we went with lights and sirens to Del Webb hospital. They rushed her inside, and the Dr.'s and nurses got to work. They suctioned her out, and listened to her breathing. They said she sounded really croupy, but that her airways were clear and she was breathing ok. Her heart rate was in the 200's, she had a fever of 102, and her oxygen levels were low. They immediately had oxygen blowing in her face. As they were doing all of this the Dr. said that some of her movements looked like they were consistent with a scorpion sting! What?! I hadn't even thought of a scorpion! I panicked inside a bit, because I had heard before of a baby dying due to a scorpion sting...and this was an obviously bad reaction she was having. They took a blood sample and sent it to the lab. They gave her some meds to help with pain, fever, and relaxation. After the blood work came back, her white blood cells were high, which is also consistent with a scorpion sting. The Dr. came in to tell us, and she noticed that London's eyes were more crazy (moving back and forth and rolling around), which is also a tell-tell sign of scorpion sting. The Dr. said they had ordered the anti-scorp anti venom from the pharmacy and it would be up ASAP. She also told me that they had just gotten it in this hospital only a month ago!!!! Lucky us! She said that after the first dose or two, London should be back to normal. At this point it had probably been about one hour since she got stung.
After her first dose, she started looking better....less convulsions, and the color in her face going back to normal. In the middle of the second dose she started opening her eyes and focusing on us, and the convulsions were super minimal. She started sitting up a little more, even though she was a little floppy. She downed 2 1/2 cups of apple juice and ate some jello. Her coloring was all the way back to normal. Seriously, what a miracle! They only ended up giving her the two doses of anti-scorp. We were discharged after about 3 hours or so of being there! She was EXHAUSTED, and passed out on me as she was finishing the last of her dose. Poor, poor baby!
During her second dose, Britton and our friend, Jay, went to get a black light, and a torch. If you don't know, scorpions glow bright white under a black light....we were on the hunt for that little devil!!! Unfortunately, they didn't find it! I was and still am super paranoid about that. We have been black lighting every night since and vacuuming up a storm every morning.
She slept extra good that night, although I didn't! I fell apart after we got home from the hospital, as I was getting into bed, and then woke up in the middle of the night replaying it all! I got up and checked her a couple times in the night, and of course she was sound asleep. I was still emotional the next day and still am when I think about it.
The next day she was tired, but happy, all around. She has been totally fine since...absolutely a miracle! I'm so grateful for the amazing Dr.'s and nurses,and most of all to my Heavenly Father. This experience made me so much more grateful for my sweet girls. Life is so precious.
Here is my brave baby girl. She was almost finished with her second dose, and was pretty much back to normal...
Me and my baby girl. I'm only smiling because I knew it was almost over.....

Monday, February 20, 2012

We want to ADOPT again!!!

We are SO excited to announce that we are looking to adopt our third baby!!! We have our online profile up as of last week! I can't wait to see what the future will hold for us, and our family. Feel free to pass along our link to ANYONE you know! :> Our link is:

Valentines Day

I had a lot of fun doing Valentine's Day this year for my hubby, and my girls. Unfortunatly, I forgot to take any pictures, and when I did remember, I found my camera dead...fabulous! SO, I'll just have to write a bit about it!

I decided it would be fun to do the 14 days of Valentines for them (well mostly just Britton and Braelyn since London is a little too young for most of the little presents :>)! If you don't know what it is , I'll tell you! Starting on Feb. 1st, you give a little gift everyday leading up to Valentine's Day. Some of them were, " You ROCK my world" attached to Pop Rocks, "Love Potion #9" attached to a red Gatorade, and "You make my heard SOAR" attached to a balloon.

Anyways, it was all super fun. We all got spoiled, and we all loved it!

I love my family so much! I am so grateful for my amazing husband, and my two little miracles, Braelyn, and London. I am incredibly grateful to be a mother, and grateful for how they came to us...adoption, which is ALL about love!

Hope your Valentine's was full of LOVE too!