Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Summer

Why yes, you did read that title right, "Random SUMMER"!  That is just how far behind I am!  I guess you could say I've been a little bit busy, so my blogging has taken the brunt of neglect.  It's time to jump back on the band wagon though, and get caught up.  My goal is to be caught up and current before Christmas!  Whew, here we go!  On a side note, I have no idea why these pictures are turned the right way!  Having tried to switch them around, I've decided that you'll just have to crank your necks to see of their cuteness...sorry!  P.S.  Most of these were taken on my phone, so excuse the grainy ones!

I love this picture of Braelyn.  She got all "dressed up" (lollipop bouquet included), and said "I'm getting married!" I said "you are?  Who are you going to marry?".  She promptly said "daddy!".  I have to admit, my heart melted, and I may have gotten a little "eyelash" in my eye!  What a sweet girl, who loves her daddy!

Braelyn has really gotten to be quite the little artist!  She loves painting especially.  One day she was painting and held up these pretty little flowers.  Obviously I'm a little biased, but I was so surprised at how well she did them! 
 Coloring on her dry-erase board from Mammaw and Pappaw...

Another thing Braelyn enjoys helping with is the Laundry (not really, but she did on this day!)...
She thought it was just so funny!

A few months ago our sweet little London decided it would be so fun to climb out of her every 2 minutes!  I actually sat in her room and watched her do it, and my mouth dropped!  It was crazy to watch her get out of it!  Crazy, but obviously not safe, not to mention it was driving US crazy!!!  Much to my dismay, we had to get her a toddler bed!  We also had to turn her doorknob around so that we can lock her inside her room for bedtime (or any other time we want!  haha).  She LOVES her Dora bed, and has done really well in it!  It was a good move, even though I wasn't quite ready for it! 

This picture has no story, but whenever I see it, I want to say "ARRRGGG Matey!!!"  hahaha

Trying to put her own shirt on...over her other shirt...while playing peek-a-boo in my closet!

I just love this girl's smile!  It's the best!

This picture seems like forever ago (I think it was in late August)!  Cash just looks so tiny, bald, and just different than now!  This was his first go in the Bumbo....

A little upside down (stupid computer), but you get the idea!  This little guy is so happy all the time!  LOVE him!

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