Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Instead of Carving Pumpkins this year, we painted them!  Braelyn loves to paint, so it was perfect combo!
The Saturday before Halloween we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat!  The kids had such a fun time getting LOTS of candy! 
After much conversation, Braelyn finally decided on being a cowgirl for Halloween!  She looked so stinkin' adorable!

And there was no question what or who London would be...Dora the Explored, of course!  This girl LOVES her some Dora! 

But we couldn't have Dora without her trusty sidekick, Boots!  Cash was such a good baby to let us play dress up with him!  He had a great first Halloween!

The Girls...

It was rough (obviously), but we managed to get a semi-decent picture of all three...

A few nights later was actually Halloween night, so we got them dressed up again, and headed out for a few blocks of trick or treating...

Fun times, that ended with LOTS of candy....which we still have some of! 

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