Saturday, April 30, 2011

Utah & Easter part 2

A couple weeks ago, Britton had to go to Utah for business, so the girls and I decided to tag along and have a little vacation. Although the drive was long, it was surprisingly bearable, and the girls did amazing...whew! While Britton worked, we hung out with Britton's mom and sister. We had so much fun shopping, and going out to lunch lots. We even went to bridal convention for my newly engaged sis-in-law! So fun!!! Braelyn and London has so much fun playing with Grandma, Aunt Sheridan, and their cousins. We can't wait to go back again for another visit! I had to document a few of the pics from the trip. Braelyn didn't make a ton of the pics because she was off playing with her cousins so much, but she really was there!

I love this picture! London looks so devious!!!

Sheridan and London (a.k.a. "Tubbers" as Sheridan calls her! ha)
Kamryn loving baby London

Papa and Londers

Since our visit was so close to Easter, the girls got some early Easter presents from Grandma and Papa. They loved every minute of it!

Ok, this is the cutest stinkin' toy ever! It had us all dying laughing! You push it's foot, and it starts singing an Easter song, and flapping it's wings, but here's what's so cute/funny....You start tickling it's tummy and sides, and it starts laughing, and laughing. When you stop, she catches her breathe and then continues with the song. Braelyn LOVED it!

Lots of loves and thank yous were given too...

Friday, April 29, 2011


Easter this year came so fast, and was SO busy! BUT it was also a lot of fun with the girls. The week before Easter we were in Utah for a week, came back for a day, and then turned around and went camping!!! What were we thinking!!! It was a complete blast, but we were toast by the time Easter Sunday rolled around (which was the day after we got back!) On our way back from camping I started feeling pretty sick, but luckily the Easter bunny knew this, and came on Sunday afternoon during nap time instead of the night before! What a nice bunny!

SO, we woke up Sunday morning (feeling much better, might I add), and headed to church. The girls wore their new Easter dresses/skirts, and looked super adorable (I got both at a darling boutique sale in Utah!)

Braelyn looking sweet......

And London too....

I LOVE, LOVE these pics we took of them together cheesin' it up....

After lunch, and nap the Easter bunny had come, and left TONS of little treasures for Braelyn to find!
I forgot to take pictures of what the Easter bunny brought them, but it was adorable! They each got a super over sized plastic, hot pink egg, filled with goodies!

London had a cute rubber duckie in hers....
And even though she couldn't really help with the bunny hunt, she was happy anyways....

The loot....Since we'd been gone for so long, we didn't dye our eggs until Easter night, but it was really fun, although I think Britton and I had the most fun with it!

London was fascinated with the entire thing

And Braelyn started getting the hang of it after a couple tries.