Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus

Today we took the girls to see Santa! I think I was just excited as Braelyn was, if not more (London didn't know what was going on!)! I was so excited to see how the girls would do sitting on his lap, etc.
Earlier in the month I was talking to Braelyn about Santa, and she said, "I love Santa". When I said that we were going to see Santa soon and she could sit on his lap, she instantly had a change of heart and said, "I don't like Santa!"! So funny! A couple days ago I started bracing her for the visit, and telling her how he's so nice and how we'd be right there with her. Then I told her that she gets to tell him what she wants for Christmas! She got excited about that, and was ready to do it!
Both Braelyn and London did perfectly! They smiled and looked like little angels! Check it out:

Monday, December 19, 2011

London's 1st Birthday!

This little angel baby turned 1 on December 2nd!!!! Unbelievable! This year has passed crazy fast! I remember like it was yesterday, being down in Texas when she was born. The memories are still so vivid! Well London's stats are this:

Weight: 22 lbs. 4 oz. (70%)

Height: 29 3/4 inches (70%)

She is completely perfect and healthy from head to toe! London is one of the most happy, loving, and cuddly babies I know! She is genuiely just so sweet in every way. She also has a devious side though....good thing she IS so sweet! When she's told not to do something, she runs for it(wahtever it may be), smiling and laughing the whole way! She is a great eater, and has liked almost everything we've given her to try...except cake (we discovered that at her b-day party)! Some of her favorite foods are bananas, bread, mandarin oranges, grilled cheese, and ofcourse her milk! She loves her big sister, and thinks she is so funny! Braelyn loves that, and if she makes London laugh, she keeps doing it over and over to keep her laughing....and I love that! London know how to say, "Mama", "Da da", "Ba ba " (bottle), "Hi", and I swear a couple times she's said "Brae Brae"! She knows how to clap, wave, shakes her head 'no' if she doesn't want something, and loves to play peek-a-boo. She has 5 teeth, and is just cutting her 6th tooth now. She is just such a sweetheart, and I can't imagine not having her in our family!

We had a special treat for her 1st birthday....her birth mother was able to come visit us for it! We seriously had SO much fun with her here, and hated to see her go! A lot of people think it's strange how open our relationship is with her, but it's just something you can't explain until you experience it. She feels like a little sister to me, and we love having her around. It was fun for her to see how big London is getting and to see all the things she can do now. We just love her to pieces!

For London's party we decided to just have family come over and we'd do cake and ice cream....

My Birthday Girl...

The cousins...

She got lots of awesome presents, and did pretty good at opening them. Braelyn was there to assist her in opening presents too!

Her sweet Birth mom made her a quilt for her birthday, and hand stitched her name on it and everything! I about cried when I saw sweet! She said it was the first time she's ever made anything like it, and she did all of it by herself! It's darling, and it's in London's crib with her now. :>

Getting ready for the cake...

She wasn't quite sure why everyone was singing to her and staring at her....

Like I said before, we discovered she's not a huge fan of cake....

After the cake.....The only thing messy on her was her hair the put frosting in!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Ever since we've been married we've had an artificial tree, which I love. I've been dying for a nice, new, pre-lit tree for the last couple years, and we finally got one this year...YAY! I love that Braelyn is at the age where she is really excited about decorating the tree, and Christmas, and Santa fun! It was so cute, Braelyn gasped when I turned the tree on and it lit up. Then she insisted that we start to "deck it" with the "ormets". :) And that we did...

Even London put a couple off...but mostly tried to take off the ones that were already on! :)

THEN as were finishing up the tree, we got a loud knock at our door!!! When we opened it, we found the book "The Elf on the Shelf" We decided we better read it.....

We learned that we had been assigned an elf that would watch the girls and see if they are being naughty or nice. He then reports back to Santa every night, and comes back to a different spot in our house the next morning!!! So, after we read the book we were instructed to find him, and give him a name! We found him, and Braelyn named him (and we don't know how she came up with it) Silly Soster. Here he is now....

Braelyn LOVES seeing if he's moved around during the day and in the mornings! What a fun Christmas tradition!

Thanksgiving 2011

This year's Thanksgiving was so nice, and so BIG this year! I think in all, including babies, we had 24 people! It really was so much fun though. Britton's parents, brother & two daughters, other brother, and his wife came down from Utah, and stayed with us at our place. Then my sis-in-law, Ahlena's, parents, two brothers, a girlfriend & her sister came down from Utah and stayed at their house! With so many of us, Ahlena and I both did a turkey, and there were LOTS of other yummy sides.

This year was Londons first Thanksgiving! She loves to eat, so she was in heaven! :>

Braelyn eating hardly anything at the kids table...
All the kiddos...

The day after Thanksgiving....such a cheeser! Also, after Thanksgiving day(luckily), there was a run of sickness running it's course through everyone, or almost everyone. My sis-in-law, Kayla, got sick the day after, and then it came to me! Super fun! I was just very grateful that neither of the girls got it, whew!
Minus the sickness, it was a success, and we were all feeling incredibly blessed.

Things We Do

I'm pretty sure that with every post I've made lately I say something about how I have so much to catch up on. SO, I hate to be repetitive, but I DO have much to catch up on! Especially with the holidays so close, time seems to be slipping away from me! Here are a few things we've been doing just before all the holidays....

London and her first ponytail! I've gotta train her how to get her hair done while she's young. :)

In early November we enjoyed the perfect weather outside, and headed to the park to play, and to feed the ducks and geese. The geese are absolutely brutal, and make me a little nervous. I caught one of them having a nibble on one of London's toes! Lets just say a little kick was given, but luckily (for the goose), he survived and moved on. London took the nibble like a champ, and didn't even cry. :)
I'm pretty sure if Braelyn didn't stand on a bench, those geese would take her down....they're seriously a little rough!

These are just the sweetest sisters ever!!!! Braelyn LOVES being by London, and playing with her. London just lights up when Braelyn is playing with her. While there is on occasion the "that's my toy" kind of thing, for the most part, they are just so cute together.

Braelyn started a preschool tumbling class, and is enjoying it. She looks so cute in her little leotard, that barley is small enough to fit her (weren't those the days!).

And, Braelyn has really been into painting lately. I love when she wants to do something crafty and creative. She's also really been into coloring books lately. Before she would just kind of scribble around on the pages, but I can tell a light has come on about trying to color inside the lines. So cute!

London likes helping me vacuum! She loves pushing it forward....

What a good helper. :)