Thursday, July 21, 2011


I can't believe I spaced posting about one of the most exciting and important days we've ever had....

London's adoption finalization on June 30th, @ 7:45 a.m.

Let me first tell how it all works out. A lot of people think that it's all final after the birthparents sign the paperwork a few days after the birth, and while that is very, very important, it's not 100% percent legal for about 6-9 months. In those 6-9 months we have a few supervisory visits (aka, our social worker comes and asks the same mundane questions about how we are adjusting...blah, blah, blah), and then all the paperwork gets sent in to the county where we are then assigned a date to go meet with a judge!

Braelyns had a couple complications, so we got a private attorney, and it went super smoothly. To make a really long story short, we were going to finalize London's adoption here in Arizona, but there were paperwork complications, so we finalized though Texas. It was incredible! Texas passed through our paperwork SO quickly! We had to get a private attorney again, but it was totally worth it! Because we live in AZ, our attorney said that Texas law allows us to finalize OVER THE PHONE!!! What?! Awesome!!! Actually in Londons case we never even spoke to the judge! He just looked at our paperwork and signed it off!!! The only down side for me, was missing out on the special moment in the courthouse when the judge actually reads that her last name is changed to ours and that we are legally her parents, AND that we'll have no pictures of us with the judge or anything. Nevertheless it was an awesome moment when the phone call came letting us know it was "official" :>

We can't say enough how incredibly grateful we are to Londons birth parents for giving us the most amazing gift! We love them with all our hearts, and think about them all the time. We love our sweet London, and we can't imagine our lives without her!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have been loving watching Braelyn and London interact lately. It's just so cute!

In the tent together....Braelyn INSISTED that London come play in the tent with her. It was adorable! Braelyn was gathering toys to take inside and give her.

Since this little Babe is now sitting up so well, they can take baths together!

And they have fun!
Braelyn being such a big helper, and feeding London. She was holding the bottle just perfectly, so I hardly had to do anything!

Fourth of July

Our fourth of July this year was pretty chill, but super fun. We relaxed during the day, and tried to stay out of the scorching heat. Then we had some friends and family come over for a BBQ, water time for the kiddos (who, by the way were all girls....all 10 of them!!!!), and fireworks! We had such a fun time with everyone, and are so blessed to have such great friends and family!

Braelyn about to slide into the pool...

London just watched from the sidelines, but had a good time anyway...
We had lots of fireworks that we'd bought. The kids really liked em!

Braelyn LOVED the sparklers and the pop its...
Braelyn and Piper

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dirty Thirty

On June 30th, my sweet guy turned 30!!! He's finally caught up with me in age (that's right I'm older than he is by 8 months!), and I was glad to welcome him to the party....I wasn't diggin' being 30 all by myself! :> The girls and I had a yummy breakfast waiting for him when he got home from the gym, and Braelyn insisted on giving him her present (a book in which she thought was hers the entire time...thus the reason she wanted him to hurry and open it! She wasn't very happy when she discovered it wasn't for her!!!) That night I made a delicious dinner, salmon, and squash, and we had a mini cake we all shared
His real party was the next night, and we had so much fun! So much fun, in fact, I was a crappy wife, and didn't document hardly any of it!!!!!! We went to dinner with some amazing friends, and then headed to our house after for games and cake.

Happy Birthday Britton!!!!

Father's Day

Britton is an AMAZING Dad and Husband, and we girls are so lucky to have him in our lives!

(not the best pic, as it was taken first thing in the morning, and Braelyn is topless, however, it's all I have!!! I'll have to do a better job at that next year!)

We made him his favorite breakfast, and gift (a new wallet).....

And gave him a candy card!

Fun times in Utah

At the beginning of June we headed up to Utah for the annual Father and Son Campout! Britton looks forward to this every year SO much, and they really do have a blast doing it!

(Curtis, Carson, Tanner, Trevor & Troy, Cooper and Britton)

They are all so competitive, so they always come up with some sort of tournament while they're there, and this year it was horseshoes....
They also had a blast on the dirtbikes and quad (Until the park ranger came and told them they'd be fined if they used them again...on like day 2!!! ): and that also meant no shooting either!)

And ofcourse, what would a campout be without widdeling?! This year it was a competition for the best bat....winner was Cooper! (the pic below is of the unfinished bats)

They had a blast, and can't wait to do again next year....prefererably at a different campsite :>

While he was off camping the girls and I had a great time hanging out with cousins, Grandma, and Sheridan! We went swimming, to the park, fed the ducks, and enjoyed the amazing weather! We had so much fun we didn't want to leave!
Here are some shots I took of London for her 6 months pics (now about a month overdue!!!)

Sweet sisters....

(Isn't the grass SO green and beautiful!)

Braelyn was loving feeding the ducks and geese....

and she had the best time with her cousins, particularly during bath time!

Big Helper

This Girl.....LOVES to be a helper, and she sure is good at it! It's crazy for me to think that in exactly 2 months she'll be 3 years old already!!!! Where has the time gone?!?! It's been a while since I've given some Braelyn info so, here are some facts about my big girl!

Braelyn has such a sweet and sassy personality. If anyone says hi to her or acknowledges her, her typical response is: "Hi! I two. I ahmos (almost) fwee (three) on Septemah fifth!" She's very excited about turning 3!

She LOVES her little sister London, and always wants to come with me to get her from naps, so she can give her a hug and a kiss...melts my heart! She loves to make London laugh, which isn't too hard because London just lights up when Braelyn is around her.

Braelyn LOVES her "shows" on TV, in which I'm trying to cut her back on. Her favorites are "Team UmiZoomi", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", "Phineas and Ferb", "Dora the Explorer", and "Go Diego Go".

Braelyn is so smart sometimes I can't even believe it! She knows up the first 13-14 US presidents, the first few prophets, about 8-10 US States, and she can read around 20 or so words!!! I give my hubby ALL the credit in teaching her all those things!!!

Some of Braelyn's favorite foods/snacks are: chicken nuggets, PB&J, chips (which she rarely gets), goldfish, fruit snacks, dried apples, and yogurt. Her favorite color is Blue.
Like I said before, she is such a big helper, and loves to help her dad do yard work since that means she gets to be outside!

Here she is working hard.....

I feel so honored to be her mom! She is such a light in my life and I love her with all my heart!