Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our lil' Swimmer

Braelyn took swimming lessons again this year, and she did so amazing! I am really just so proud of her! She had 12 classes, and I could see becoming more confident with every class. Her first week or so, she wasn't very excited, but by the end she LOVED going to see Bonnie (her teacher). Bonnie has such a gift with teaching these kids how to swim, and I'm so glad we've used her! Next year London gets to give it a try!

Here are some shots of our big girl in the pool....

Waiting for her turn to get the diving ring...

Running to jump off the diving board!!!

Here are her "action" shots going off the diving board....

Ready, Set....


And, swim to the side!

I tried to download a video, but Blogger was not having it, SO, here's a link to YouTube where I posted it! It's a bit grainy from the transfer, but oh well!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


We haven't been up to too much lately, but I have lots of pics to update on here! So, with no further adew.....

Braelyn and London hanging out. Braelyn insisted on laying down right beside cute!

London gettin' tickled by dad! She is just SO dang ticklish, and I LOVE it!

This big girl is almost 6 months now (seriously what has happened to time!), and she's getting really good as sitting up by herself! She still isn't 100%, but she can stay up for at least a few minutes by herself.

London has been loving playing in her little walker, and loves playing with the toys on it...

And Braelyn loves giving her a ride in it! ha

Such great poise...

Not too long ago, we had a couple lovely days of rain, so Britton and Braelyn went out and ran around in it for a while!

Braelyn has been taking swimming lessons for the entire month of May, so there are lots of pics to come of that! Happy Summer!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year just totally snuck up on me!!!! It was a great day, and I am so lucky to be a mom to my two sweet girls. This day means a lot to me since we struggled (and still struggle) with getting our family. This day used to be pure torture for me, especially going to church, & hearing all the talks on what a gift motherhood is (which it is), and seeing all the proud mamas with an extra twinkle in their eyes....TORTURE!!! I wanted it more than anything. I still long to have the experience of getting pregnant on our own, but whether I am blessed with that or not, I can't deny that I have, indeed, been incredibly blessed. Though I didn't physically give birth to Braelyn and London, I have NO doubt in my mind that they were meant to come to our family. I know that my loving Heavenly Father sent them here to me. I look back at when we started this infertility journey, and I can see the growth and strength I've gained. I still have MUCH to learn, but I am thankful for my Father in Heaven's hand in my life. He hasn't given up on me even when I was angry and bitter at him. Instead He gave me an amazing husband, and two IncRedIbLe girls! I LOVE them with all my heart, and can't imagine my life without them in it! I am SO blessed! I think I'll keep this forever! I just LOVE it...

Britton and Braelyn made me a super yummy breakfast,

got me beautiful flowers, and some $ to do a little shopping kid free!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birth Mother's Day

Today is Birth Mother's Day, incase you didn't know! I would have never known about it if it weren't for my two AmAzInG birth moms! I love them both so much. They are two of the greatest, bravest, loving people I know. They helped us have a family when we couldn't do it ourselves. We are eternally grateful for them.

Here are Braelyn and Jessica. We are so lucky to have Jessica living in the same town as us!! You'd think we'd run into her all the time, but we unfortunately don't! We LOVE when we do see her though, and love catching up on what's new in her life.

I have lots of pictures of London's birth mom, BUT since we both have Texas connections, and the adoption was a little top secret, here's a picture of London and her birth moms arm!!! She actually came to visit us about a month ago, and we had a BLAST! So, even though we can't show her beautiful face, she's awesome! :> Plus it's kinda fun having a little mystery of our own!