Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ya'll Come Back Now, Ya Hear!

About a week ago, my parents came here for a visit, and it was so good to have them! Braelyn took to them pretty fast, and could say their names, Mamaw and Papaw, within a day! It was adorable! Braelyn LOVED to have Mamaw read books to her (Braelyn kept going to get more and more of them as soon as they finished one!), and cried for Papaw when he went into a gas station for a drink! haha!!! They spoiled her pretty good, as grandparents like to do, with lots of loves and kisses, and a new slide for the backyard!!! My dad is also a huge Nascar fan, and so we got tickets for us all to go while it was here in Phoenix (minus Braelyn!). It was a blast! Their trip ended with a few of us getting sick, but overall it was so fun, and went way to usual!
Reading with Mamaw and Papaw

The new slide

Here we are at the race...we had great seats

My dad's favorite driver is Tony Stewart....Tony Stewarts pit crew

At the race

My mom and dad

P.S. For my dad......"CAN DEE".."CAN CAN"!!!! ;>

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and 19 Months!!!

I can't believe Easter has already come and gone...whoa!!! We had a good one this year made even better by the fact that Braelyn is older and can enjoy the "festivities". It was kind of a quite one, but really nice. PLUS our sweet girl is 19 months Today!!! I can't believe it! She is gettin so big so fast, and it is definately getting more and more adventurous!!! Anyways I just had to document it!
Here's the Easter run down....On Saturday our city did an Egg hunt on the baseball fields broken up by age group (thank goodness!). So this was Braelyn's first experience and it was so funny! She caught on pretty fast.....

Here she is Pre-Hunt....not too happy about the fact we had to wait until they said "Go!", but she survived!

After the hunt showing off her goods...

We also found out that she is NOT a big fan of the Easter Bunny. Not that I can blame her....a huge bunny walking around would scare anyone, right?!

Sunday morning she awoke to find the Easter Bunny came and brought her a basket (I'm sure she was glad he came at night so she wouldn't have to see him ;>)

We watched our church's General Conference on TV yesterday, and in between sessions we had another egg hunt in our backyard. I had to get her all prettied up in her Easter dress for it of course....that's what you do!!! haha She was such a good little hunter, it was so adorable!

Once she was done she figured out how to open a couple and started downing the chocolaty goodness...yum!

Our pretty Easter girl

"Here, want some?"
We hope you all had a great Easter too!!!