Monday, January 11, 2010

*Christmas in Utah*

Well, I am finally getting around to putting up some of our fun pictures and videos from Christmas! It came and went so fast, and now it's already the middle of January!!! I must be getting old because time just keeps flying by! We had alot of fun up in freezing Utah, but I was glad to get back home to the 70 degree weather! My blood has gotten quite thin from living down here, but it was fun to have a white Christmas. I have so many pictures, that I'll just let them do the talking...
At the Bowling Alley...
Britton's parents
Trevor, Amber, Shane and Tyson

Sheridan and her friend,David, Aunt Jo, and Tiffany

Braelyn, surprisingly really liked having this lit up reindeer nose on, so we had to document it!!!

Every year Britton's mom puts together the Navity story, and all the grandkids play the parts. Braelyn was one of the she is getting fitted for her halo

Here is a small video of Braelyn entertaining us before the big show

All the kiddos

Afterwards the kids put on a little skit for was so great!

Braelyn dancing, and trying to steal the show

Christmas morning!!!
Note: the following images you will see of me may cause shock, laughing, and/or disgust due to the wearing of NO makeup!!!! Consider yourselves warned!!!!
It's not too late to turn back!!!

Just about to open a gift

Papa and Grandma

We also had a fun, but cold time sledding for a while! Braelyn liked it I think, but seemed a little confused!

Braelyns crazy, end of the day hairdo
Ready to eat some suishi.....a.k.a chicken nuggets!
Braelyn LOVED knocking off icecicles from the roof...

Here is a video of Braelyn getting her first Santa gift....Santa was sooo nice and came a little early to our house, AND to Grandma and Papas house!

More videos to come...they just take soooo long to download!!!