Thursday, February 25, 2010

Breakfast Time

Braelyn is getting so good at using her spoon (not with all foods), and feeding herself!!! This has been a slap in the face for me only because it is just one more reason that I can't call her my "baby" anymore, *sniff, sniff*. She has turned into my "little girl", although I can't quite figure out how it happened!!!

Anyways here is a cute little flick of her feeding herself her oatmeal.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finally able to Post...

I am happy to announce that our main computer is finally up and running after it got a nasty virus...yay! Just on a side note, I hate viruses, and think the people who make them should just get a life...or another fabulous job doing something with computers that actually helps people. But anyways, I feel so super behind on my blogging! We haven't been able to document anything from January or Febuary, and so now, with no further adew, here are quite a few pictures of our adventures. Oh, and just for your information, I didn't put them is Jan.-Feb. order, so sorry....SO the first few were just taken like yesterday! Anyways sorry for the mass amount, but enjoy! :>
She's normally such a happy girl, but I love when she has her frowny face captured on film...priceless and absolutely adorable!
Braelyn LOVES being outside, and is totally a "Daddy's Girl"......she doesn't want to leave his side once he gets home from work. When he gets home she almost immediately tells him "side" (translation: outside), and points at the door!


Britton built her a fort out of some cardboard in the backyard, and she loved it!

Fort video...

These next couple of pics were taken the day before Valentines Day, and I think (I know I am biased, but still) they are SO STUNNING! They are some of my favorite shots of my beautiful girl!

See....stunning!!! :>

We also went to the Glendale City's "Chocolate Affaire", and it was really fun....I mean come on, who are we kiddin', it's called the CHOCOLATE Afaire! The main reason that we went though is to support our very good friend and his band!!! They are called the "Jeff Hunt Band", and they are awesome!
Check em out at:

Mindy Hunt and I enjoying the music

We have also had a couple of downers happen too, and when I say "we", I mean Britton...haha!!! He is on a city softball league with some friends, and caught a ball right in the shin...nice! It actually looked like his shin swallowed the softball, but whatever!!! There are better pics to show it, but I didn't want to make anyone vomit!!! Oh, and a couple nights later he landed on his ankle wrong (same leg) and it was all sorts of black and blue, followed by him jamming his toe (same leg), which also went black and blue!!!!!! He's been a good sport through it all though...poor guy!
As I said before, Braelyn LOVES being outside, so here are few shots of "Black Family Sports Day" (put on by Cooper, Britton's bro)......

Golfing with Dad
Golfing video....
Braelyn's first time riding the mini dirt bike! She seriously loved riding it, and cried when she had to get off...super cute!
Dirtbike video....
Braelyn loves playing with her cousins too!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture of them, aren't they gorgeous?!!!
(Kara, Piper, Zoe, Ellie)

Braelyn playing outside in the backyard...she loves the fountain

Braelyn and her Uncle Carson, who came to visit us from Utah a couple weeks ago...
Back in January we had the most amazing (and I'm not even kidding) rainbow that I have EVER seen! It was seriously beautiful, and had a perfect arc that was right in front of our house. Plus the colors were so bright and brilliant...I had to document it! The pictures just don't do it justice at all!!!

Crazy hair......this is my screen saver!!!! Love it!

Trendy girl! Our sweet friends Mike and Brandon sent Braelyn tons of gifts for Christmas, and this hat was just one of them...Sassy!!!! Thanks guys! :>

~The End~

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just in case...

Just in case you were wondering why I haven't been posting any pics lately, it's because our computer is having some work done!!! We are super lucky to have Brittons laptop to use, but my camera program isn't on here, and I don't feel like loading it...lazy huh?! Hopefully we will have it back within the week though!!! SO, until then!!!