Thursday, December 17, 2009

We Want To ADOPT Again!

To our family and friends: We are so excited to announce that we have finished all our paperwork, again, for adoption! We now have an online profile up, and would really appreciate if you would keep us in mind if you know anyone who may be looking to place their baby for adoption. This may sound weird to you, but you may or may not know that we got our first baby purely by word of mouth!!! It is really the most effective way. Anyone can check out the profile, so feel free to look at it if you want! When you click the link it will take you to the first page of the profile. On the left side bar, you can click on a photo album, and a "getting to know us" page. You could also go to and click on "view adoption family profiles", scroll down and type our names in.
Thank you SO very much!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This year our Thanksgiving was great! We didn't travel anywhere, which was nice, but both of our families were missed! We had dinner with the little family we do have here, Cooper, Ahlena, and their girls. Ahlena and I outdid ourselves, if I do say so myself, and everything was delicious! Here's a glimpse at our day.....
Braelyn loves "playing" the piano. Here she is with her silly cousin, Ellie

Ellie, Me, Braelyn, and Piper, gettin' ready to chow

After we ate, we headed down to the park....the weather was amazing (like 75 degrees..perfect)! The kids played on the playground and did some batting practice.
Britton is trying to teach her already!!!! Swing Batter!

Getting her stance....

Running around in the grass

Our family
(the pictures a little blurry, but still cute :>)

Cooper and Ahlena

The kiddos:
Ellie, Kara, Braelyn, Zoe, and Piper