Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween and Stuff....better late than never!

Well, I am FINALLY getting some pics up from Halloween...that's pretty bad, I know! We had a very special one this year. We traveled up to Utah to see my brother-in-law, Carson, get back from his 2 year church mission in Chile!!! It was so exciting to see him come home! And it was just a couple days before Halloween, so we stayed for all the fun stuff!

We got to fly up to Utah instead of Driving (love that), and Braelyn did awesome on the flight to and from. She slept pretty much the entire flight from take off to landing both ways! She was glad to get to Grandma and Papas though so she could run around....

There is Elder Black fresh off the plane!

This is Carson's first time he's met his new niece.

Braelyn was infatuated with these balloons the whole time!


Carson and Britton
While we were there, there were a few really awesome weather days, so we played outside. Braelyn seriously LOVES being outside, and cries when it's time to come inside!
We went to feed the ducks and geese at the park. Um, let me just say that these were some of the most aggressive birds ever!!! I don't know which goose it was, but one of them totally flapped/slapped me with it's rude!!! I was a little nervous, and needless to say Braelyn was not able to get down! I think she had fun watching them though.
The night before Halloween, Britton's Aunt had an annual family costume party. It was so fun to get dressed up and go see all the family!
May I present to you.....
*Braelyn the Fairy*
Braelyn going in for a kiss to her cousin Bella
Mom and Braelyn
The entire party was spent chasing Braelyn up the stairs...she loves them! At this party she actually, finally, learned how to go down the stairs...yay!
Dad and Braelyn on the stairs
This was us at the Utah trunk or treat. It was alot colder this day, so we just bundled Braelyn up , and didn't fuss with putting her costume on her again. It was so fun to take her around some, and see what she would pick out of the candy that her mom and dad could eat it later!!! haha!!!

Her first, and possibly last sucker!!! Man those are sooo messy! She couldn't get enough
of course!!!
It was a great trip, but really tiring........