Sunday, October 25, 2009

Catch up time

Man, it seems like alot has happened since my last post, so before I get really, really far behind, here's what we've been up to:

Britton and I had our first Murder Mystery Halloween Party last night, and it was so much fun (Thanks Brooke and Greg!). I was "Vicky Ravioli", and Britton was "US Congressman Darin Toosteal". There was one murder involved, and while I thought Brittons character did it, it turned out to be someone I never suspected! Goes to show how good I am at the game!!! It was 1920's dress, so here are few pics of us!

All the girls
All the Guys

Braelyn is just growing like a weed, and is so much fun! She is walking everywhere all of the time, and getting into all kinds of things!!! Although it can drive me crazy at times, I wouldn't change anything at all! She is starting to talk also. She says "mama" and "dad" really well. She says "bird" (it comes out sounding like "dird"), "car", & "please" .
This is today driving to church.....I just had to take a pic cause she looked extra cute today! :>

Cheesin' around
Look at all those teeth! She just cut her 12th tooth last week!!
Playing dress up! I LOVE this adorable tutu my friend Christy made for Braelyns birthday!!! She is actually going to wear it for Halloween this year, and be a fairy!

Braelyn has also become quite fond of this beanie! It's mine, and I put it on her one day to see what she would do. I took it off her, and she did not like that. For days she would go get it, and bring it to me to put it on her!!! Too cute!
Also, at the beginning of the month, my cute niece, Zoe, got baptized! It was so came down from Utah and everything!
Later at their house my friend Christy H., and I sang a song for Zoe called "A Window To His Love", while I played the guitar. I think it turned out ok, but please forgive the picture....I hate mid singing pics of me!

I also had a birthday this month on the 14th! I turned the big 29, much to my dismay!!! Since my birthday was on a wednesday, and both Britton and I are in Young Mens/Young Womens, we didn't do much till the weekend. However mutual was super fun cause we went to a corn maze! Here are a few pics of that little adventure....
Here are some of the awesome ladies I get to work with:
Ahlena, Christy H., Me, Natalie, and Christy S.

I love these girls....they're the best!

Here are our adorable YW! They are such a good group, and I love em to death!

Ok, and last but not least, we had a "late over" for our YW girls earlier this month at my house. The theme was 80's night, so we all looked pretty hot! It was seriously a blast though!! We did karoke (sp?), and played some games, ate, and talked. Good times....
No, these aren't some of the girls, believe it or not....we are actually their leaders!!! I know, I know, we are hot babes!

Here are just a few of our cute 80's girls!