Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~Our Special Day~

Last Saturday, July 25th, was such an awesome day for us! That morning we were able to take Braelyn to the temple to be sealed for eternity to us....Yay!!! As members of the LDS church, we believe that we can be married to our spouse for eternity, and be with our children for eternity awesome is that!!!! The spirit was so strong as Braelyn became ours forever, and I am so grateful for how she came to was meant to be! We were surrounded by our family and friends which was so incredible.
Afterwards, we went back to our house to give her a baby blessing (which had to wait until all the court stuff was done), and to have lunch. It was great! Here are some pics of our awesome, and unforgettable day!
Here is Braelyn right before we left for the temple
After we got out of the Temple

Me and my family

Us and Leslee

Us with Brittons family

These are a few of the people who were there with us as we were sealed. Some left before pictures, but I can't blame them for not wanting to stand out in the 110 degrees!!!

Back at the house for the blessing

Braelyn and my sister, Gina
All the guys that helped with the blessing

Cooper, Britton, and Curtis (Brittons brother and Dad)

How Sweet!!

Our Beautifu girl in her pretty white dress

Finally getting a chance to crawl around...

Our close friend/family, Matthew, and Leslee

Braelyn and her adorable cousins
Thanks so much to everyone who helped with food (Ahlena, Cindy, Gina, Amanda, and my mom)

Here are my sisters and mom getting the food out
(Gina, Amanda, Mom)
Braelyn and her BFF, Macie
The group!!!

Thanks again to everyone who came and showed their love and support....we appreciate it more than you'll know!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our day in Court

Today was the day that we went before a judge to finalize our adoption of Braelyn. Many people thought everything was already done, but as we have learned, the adoption process is quite long. It was a really neat experience. It was also a very fast thing, which is good! We went in, our attorney asked us a few yes/no questions (basic stuff like our names, and address), and then the judge says some legal jargon, and it was official! Here are some pics of the event!
This is our lawyer, LDS case worker, and us outside afterwards Us with Judge Sinclair
Outside the courtroom waiting

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amongst the chaos

I almost forgot to mention that our girl turned 10 months old on our drive back from Utah!!! Happy 10 Months Braelyn!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The 4th of July!

This years 4th of July was super fun, and super busy!! We were in Utah for it, mainly for Trevor and Amber's (Brittons brother) wedding!!! How fun is it that they got married on the 4th?! Now every anniversary they will have fireworks...gotta love it! This was a special one too cause it was Braelyns first. The day started off with the Layton parade, which was fun. We just sat on blankets and took it all in. Here we are at the parade!

Braelyn cheering the parade on

Grandma and Braelyn.....she's so patriotic waving her flag!!!
Umm, I'm sorry but she's gorgeous!!!!!!!

Later that night we saw fireworks, ofcourse!!! Papa gave Braelyn a glow stick, and she LOVED it! She watched most of the fireworks in awe, then fell asleep cuddled up next to it!
Britton and I

This is when the fireworks started, she just stared and stared.......if you know her at all, that's what she does best! :>
Here are a few shots from the wedding earlier in the day too. It was so beautiful. They did it in their awesome backyard, with just close family, so it was very sweet and quaint.

Okay, I absolutely LOVE this sweet!!!!!

The newleyweds!

Their new family. Amber has two boys, and Trevor has a girl and a boy. They are so cute all together!
(Left to right: Shane, Amber, Troy, Tyson, Trevor, Kamryn)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chapman Reunion at Bear Lake

Well, we just had the best time ever at my family reunion!! We went to Bear Lake and stayed in a house at the Ideal Beach Resort. It was perfect weather, and there was alot to do. We spent tons of time down by the beautiful lake, swam in the pool, played mini golf, and just hung out together. My favorite day was the day we rented a jetski for a few hours!!! I was so mad after though cause I totally forgot to take any pictures!! It was awesome though!!! We were all able to make it except for my sister, Amanda, and her family (one daughter came with my parents though), so we missed her alot!!! Anyways here are some pics from the event!!!
Pappaw playing with Braelyn
Me, and my sister, Gina. This was right when we got there....Braelyn LOVED the water! If you notice she's in her diaper, thats because when she had pants on, she decided to sit down in the water!!!

Sweet sandy tootsies

Braelyn just having a ball!

Here we are...look how blue that water is!!!

Braelyn playing in the sand. She's a sly one...she would be looking at the sand in her hand, and with the speed of lightening would put it in her mouth!!! She only got away with it a couple of times. Once, Britton pulled a small shell out of her mouth.....nice!!!!!

Playin' in the water with Dad

Chillin' by the pool
Now, Braelyn was certainly a hit with all her cousins! I found her several times surrounded by all or most of them!! She was the Belle of the Ball!
(From Left to Right: Carson, Tyler, Cara, Braelyn, Kade)
Once again!
We also went to the Minnitonka Cave(sp ?), which is pretty close to Bear Lake.
It was so pretty outside of the cave. Here's my parents posing with Braelyn
Braelyn didn't make it all the way through the cave, actually just about the first 5 minutes due to an "accident" she had that couldn't wait. But here we are before she had to make her exit!
Here we are in Pocatello after my neice Jenna was baptised

And this about sums up the trip.....soooooo fun, and very exhausting!!!