Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On the Move

We finally captured Braelyn crawling a few steps. It's kinda fuzzy cause I did in on my regular camera. I just know that she's gonna really get going soon, and have me runnin'!

First Sewing Project

Thanks to my friend Jaime (ummm, not me :>), I did my first sewing project yesterday!!! It was fun, and I LOVE my results. If you can't tell what they are are: I made two burp cloths (well the middle part), and a cute soft play block. As you can see they are all in Braelyns room colors....ofcourse :>

Friday, June 5, 2009

9 months and counting.....I want a recount!

Today is the big 9 month date!!! It's so crazy that it's been this long. She went for her checkup just today, and everything is looking great. She weighs 18.9 lbs. , and is 28.5 inches tall. She can start eating some table foods, and start trying to drink out of a sippie cup!!! She's STILL not crawling, but I just know it will be any day now. Once she starts I'll probably be wishing she wasn't...J/K!!!
Here's my gorgeous angel baby having a swimBraelyn and her friend Macie

Just last week we were in beautiful Utah for Brittons annual Father/Son Campout. Ofcourse Braelyn and I just went to hang out. Here are the Black brothers (minus Carson who's in Chile....we miss him!!) From Left to right: Troy and Trevor, Tanner, Curtis (Papa), Cooper, Britton

Watch out!!!

Sittin with Grandma at Kamryns softball game

I was so excited that while I was up there I got to see a couple of my friends. This is my old roomate Kassidy. I also got to see my friend Krista, but forgot to get a pic!! It was awesome seeing them both :>
Braelyn and her cousin, Piper
Braelyn and her other cousin, Ellie
Playing on the trampoline