Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's - A - Happenin' in 2009!

Okay so I pretty much can't believe how fast 2008 has flown by!! I can't say that I'm too sorry that it's gone since there were only a couple of good highlights. I'm thinkin' 2009 will be much better! :> We haven't been up to too much so far, but here are some pics of us hangin' out!!
Braelyn visiting Dad upstairs while he has to work!
Chillin' with Mama

Oh, this was so fun.....the other day me and a couple girlfriends, Jaime and Amber, got together to make our girls cute headbands, and to have a "play date". At one point we look over and Braelyn and Macie are lying next to each other looking into each others eyes and having a conversation. I tried to catch them in the act, but as soon as I walked over they both turned to look at me!!! How cute are they?!

Cutie pie...she was just starring out the sliding glass door!

Here are all three girls starting at the top and going clockwise: Braelyn, Macie, Brekkyn

We have been going on walks in the morning, and this is how they end for Braelyn pretty much every morning

I love it when she sleeps...what a doll....mmmmm

One sad thing that has taken place is that she had to have her 4 month shots. The good news is that this time I didn't cry, the bad news is that she did! :< Anyways, this is her when she got home....she looked so peaceful.

Braelyn loves to watch football with dad and is super good at sitting in her Bumbo.

Friday, January 2, 2009


So, this year was the year we got to go to Texas for Christmas! It was sooo fun to see my family, and my cousins that I hadn't seen in forever! Mostly it was just fun cause it was Braelyns first, although she didn't know what was goin' on!! Next year will be alot more fun for her...and us! :> She actually fell asleep as we were trying to open her last gift...she wasn't having it!!! We got to spend alot of time with my sis Amanda, and her family. This was her first time to see Braelyn, and she and her girls loved her!!! On a side note.....Braelyn hates to be on her tummy and just hadn't quite gotten down the whole "lifting your head" thing, but on Christmas Eve my sister got her to do it, and now she's great at it. She still doesn't love it, but she looks cute doing it! Anyway the first couple of pics are of her doing it (the first couple are after Christmas, and a few down is the one from Christmas Eve)

My niecese: Rorie (AKA. Ro-Ro), Cara, & Paige

Dad and Braelyn before we left for Texas.....the night we opened our gifts at home :>

So cute...look at that little bum!!

Us on Christmas morning

All ready for some presents

My dad and sister

One of the fist pics we FINALLY caught on our camera of her smiling....those dang camera delays!!

My mom giving Braelyn the sleeper choke hold.....LOL
I guess it worked!