Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny hair!

So I finally got a decent picture of Braelyn smiling! I had to take it with my phone cause my camera has too long of a delay, SO it's a little grainy, but adorable!!Okay, so mom had a little fun with baby lotion, and her hair!! Haha...she looks like a biker babe or something! She was a good sport, just smiling the whole time, and not realizing what mama was doing to her!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dad singing to Braelyn

Last night we were trying and trying to catch Braelyn smiling on camera, but she refused to hold her pose. But Britton was singing to her and she would smile at him, so we recorded it, and with my hubbys permission, here it is. Luckily for us the time we recorded it was the best one she 's done. She smiles, coos, and we like to think she tries to sing with him!! Ugh, she is so much fun!

Braelyn and Macie

We hung out with some of our good friends, the Varleys, the other night, and they have a little girl just a few weeks younger than Braelyn. We were so excited to get them together to take pictures!! They are sooo dang cute together!! I love this one cause it totally looks like they are "chattin' it up"!!

Braelyn wore out, and I was laughing cause she moved her hand over her eyes, like we were really getting in her way. She looks like a damsel in distress!!

The two daddies with their girls!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Goin' Private

Okay, so after talking to a few friends...I think we are going to make our page private. SO, if you would like to be sent an invite please leave your email address!!! It's kinda scary that any stranger can just randomly come look at your page!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shot day! :<

Okay, today was officially the saddest day, so far, of motherhood!! Braelyn had to get 4, thats right 4, shots today!!! It was sooo, sooo sad! I understand they are necessary, but still it's so brutal! She did as well as can be expected though. She did better than her mom....if you saw me driving home, you might have thought that I was the one who was given all those shots. I was totally balling! Anyway that's our sad tale for the day, but don't worry in about 2 more months we will get to relive it!!! :<

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween was sooo fun this year!! We really didn't do a ton, but it was fun to dress Braelyn up for the first time. She did so well....we went trick or treating with Cooper and Ahlena, and their girls. We contemplated taking a bucket for "Braelyn" to get candy in, but decided that would most likley be wrong!! So, she was in the stroller, and slept through most of it!! Afterwards we went to a friends house for dinner, to play games, and hang out.
Here's everyone at dinner!
Her eyes were just starting to glaze over in this one.

Our sweet little pumpkin all nice and snuggley!

Before we dressed her up....she looks a little mischievious in this one, but super cute!!