Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sittin' pretty on Santa's knee

So this past weekend we went to see Santa Claus at the mall. It was so fun getting Braelyn all dressed up and ready to go!! She didn't cry at all (we're waiting for that to happen next year!! :>), and didn't act very interested in the man wearing a suit, that was similar to hers, and who had a white beard! I must say that it was really fun cause tons of the people in line kept looking at how cute she was, and telling us how beautiful she is! Sorry I have to brag....that's what a proud mama does!
We are really excited because this Saturday we will be flying to Dallas to spend Christmas with my family...yay!! I'm soooo excited to see my family, for Braelyns first Christmas, and everything else involved! :> I am, however, interested to know how she'll do on the airplane. She's a pretty chill baby, but who knows what she'll think of it all. I'll have to have a bottle ready for the take off and landing for sure...just incase, but I think she'll do great.
This picture is another one that was taken in Utah over Thanksgiving, and we just got them back....seriously, how gorgeous is she?!?! Yes I am a little biased, but I know a good lookin' baby when I see one.......and there she is!!! :>
This pic was taken after Santa...silly mom forgot her hat at home!

Mommy and her girl

Santa and Braelyn

Dada and Braelyn waiting patiently in line

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in Utah!

So, we went to Utah this year for Thanksgiving, and it was so fun! The actual Thanksgiving was held at Brittons parents house, and let me tell was nuts!!! There were like 50 people there, so it was a little cramped...but it all worked out great! For my second time ever we shopped on Black Friday ( I had to, it was named after us!!!), and it was pretty dang fun. Plus I got a couple totally awesome deals, so it was totally worth it. I almost witnessed a fight between a man and a woman too, so that was good to see that everyone had their Christmas spirit up and running!!!! While we would have loved to see lots more of our friends, we just didn't have time, so that was kind of a bummer! It was really good to just be with family though!
While we were there we had pictues taken of all the grandkids alone and with grandma and papa. One of my sis-in-laws friends, Jessica Coronado, took them for us, and this one of Braelyn looks sooo awesome!!
Britton and two of his brothers, Trevor, and Cooper

Britton and Braelyn on Thanksgiving

This is gonna be fun....this is Braelyn, and her cousin Bella who is only a few months older!

Me and Braelyn on Thanksgiving

Uncle Tanner

I was so excited cause my brother and his family were able to come down for a few hours from Pocatello, ID to see us. I haven't been able to see them in like 2 years!!! This is he and his wife, Brian and Joy

My gorgeous sis-in-law, Sheridan!!

Braelyn and her Papa

Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny hair!

So I finally got a decent picture of Braelyn smiling! I had to take it with my phone cause my camera has too long of a delay, SO it's a little grainy, but adorable!!Okay, so mom had a little fun with baby lotion, and her hair!! Haha...she looks like a biker babe or something! She was a good sport, just smiling the whole time, and not realizing what mama was doing to her!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dad singing to Braelyn

Last night we were trying and trying to catch Braelyn smiling on camera, but she refused to hold her pose. But Britton was singing to her and she would smile at him, so we recorded it, and with my hubbys permission, here it is. Luckily for us the time we recorded it was the best one she 's done. She smiles, coos, and we like to think she tries to sing with him!! Ugh, she is so much fun!

Braelyn and Macie

We hung out with some of our good friends, the Varleys, the other night, and they have a little girl just a few weeks younger than Braelyn. We were so excited to get them together to take pictures!! They are sooo dang cute together!! I love this one cause it totally looks like they are "chattin' it up"!!

Braelyn wore out, and I was laughing cause she moved her hand over her eyes, like we were really getting in her way. She looks like a damsel in distress!!

The two daddies with their girls!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Goin' Private

Okay, so after talking to a few friends...I think we are going to make our page private. SO, if you would like to be sent an invite please leave your email address!!! It's kinda scary that any stranger can just randomly come look at your page!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shot day! :<

Okay, today was officially the saddest day, so far, of motherhood!! Braelyn had to get 4, thats right 4, shots today!!! It was sooo, sooo sad! I understand they are necessary, but still it's so brutal! She did as well as can be expected though. She did better than her mom....if you saw me driving home, you might have thought that I was the one who was given all those shots. I was totally balling! Anyway that's our sad tale for the day, but don't worry in about 2 more months we will get to relive it!!! :<

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween was sooo fun this year!! We really didn't do a ton, but it was fun to dress Braelyn up for the first time. She did so well....we went trick or treating with Cooper and Ahlena, and their girls. We contemplated taking a bucket for "Braelyn" to get candy in, but decided that would most likley be wrong!! So, she was in the stroller, and slept through most of it!! Afterwards we went to a friends house for dinner, to play games, and hang out.
Here's everyone at dinner!
Her eyes were just starting to glaze over in this one.

Our sweet little pumpkin all nice and snuggley!

Before we dressed her up....she looks a little mischievious in this one, but super cute!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Concert with the Young Women

We had so much fun last night with our young women! We went to a benefit concert in Mesa to help a couple of families who had some recent tragedies. I love all of our girls a ton...they are such great, fun, and ADORABLE sweethearts!!! Not all of them could go, but it was still a blast!! This first pic is after the concert, and in the middle is the singer Mindy Gledhill....who by the way is really, really good!
Look at these cutie em'!!!

Big Smiles!! :>

We have been waiting sooo long for Braelyn to start smiling at us, and last night she did!!! It was a real smile, not just a gassy one!!! We took so many pics trying to catch her doing it, and this one is the only one that kinda shows it....still it doesn't do it justice! Our camra has too much of a delay. Here is our sweet girl getting all ready for our wards trunk or treat. We have a pumpkin costume for her that we put her in when we got there, but we forgot our camera!!! We had Ahlena, and a friend take a pic, so hopefully I'll get em soon and put them up...she looked so dang cute!

Cute onsie, huh? I've got a different one for the actual day of Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008


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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video of our Girl!

The video is voice isn't!! hahaha!!! I hate hearing myself on video...yuck!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun Dinner :>

Last night we had a fun dinner with our very, very good friend/family, Jessica, at Paradise Bakery..yum! It was delicious, althought they did jip me on my cookie!!!!! It's probably good they forgot to give it to me cause I don't really need it anyway! These are just a few pics of us hanging out and trying to get Braelyn to perform!!!
Braelyn listening to Dad......she looks like she really knows what he's talking about :>
Mom trying to get her to Smile
Again.....such a good listener!!
Jessica and Braelyn
Love this one!!!! So dang cute...both of them!! :>

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Cutest Little Baby There Ever Was!

Oh my gosh...she is that just cause she's mine? NO...she really is!!! :> Shes been moving alot more lately which is sooo fun! I can't wait for her to give me a big grin...she' right on the brink of it. She'll get this look on her face like she's amused, but just can't get the smile out. I know it'll happen any day now. The last couple of weeks her grip has gotten really strong too. Another thing we have noticed about her is that she definately likes to spread out...she wants nothing to do with being swaddled!!! She always has her arms moving, and she sleeps with them up by her cute! Our favorite thing though is that she can really get her legs going. When she's laying out, she just gets one leg kicking like crazy...I'll have to video it to do it justice! She's also starting to do a little bit of cooing. She's very aware of her surroundings too. She can definately focus in our faces now which is so fun. She is in mad love with our blinds in our living room, and is always staring at them....I've tried to tell her it's rude to stare, but she just doesn't listen! She's loves looking at fans too, but her true love is with the blinds!! :> We are so lucky to have her in out lives...sometimes I still can't believe it. I always knew I was missing out on being a mom, and I am so glad that Heavenly Father has entrusted us with this choice little spirit...she is so special.

Love this pic...she looks like such a big girl!

So Sweet!!!
This was what she wore on Sunday...I love this dress (thanks Courtney Schloss) it is absolutely adorable
My little sweet
Check out the arms....she's all about the

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blowing out the Candles

Me and my parents at Buffalo Wild Wings for my b-day dinner...yum! It cracks me up cause they look miserable, but they really did have a good time!! They weren't ready for the flash!!!
Braelyn had a blast at dinner as you can see!! :>
About the blow out the candles...all three of them (that's all I had!!)! By the way this is the best cake ever!!! It's a store bought, but you'd never know it! You get it at Frys, and it's called the Tuxedo truffle cake or something like that.....anyway, if you haven't had it TRY IT!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

28th Birthday!

This day comes for everyone at somepoint during the year, and yesterday was birthday! Now that I'm in my "late twenties" (28 officially), birthdays don't seem nearly as fun as they used too. This one was still pretty good though. My parents are in town to see Braelyn for the first time, so it's fun that it falls in the same week as my b-day. Actually we are officially celebrating today, the 15th, because of a dear husbands flag football game fell on the actual day!! :> We all went to watch, and it was really fun....probably would have been more fun for Britton if they had won, :>, but that's okay!!!! Anyway since yesterday was the real birthday, I opened presents last night! Britton did well, as always!! My parents, and Brittons parents always give $, so shopping was done all day fun! Tonight we are going to dinner, which I haven't decided where yet, and having cake...yum, yum!!!

Here's the happy family......I dyed my hair if it looks darker!! :>
Mama and Braelyn....OH MY GOSH she's soooooo darling!!! I love her!!
Braelyn giving mom some birthday mouth ofcourse!
My mom, dad, me, and Braelyn
Cute shoes from Britton...good job babe!